About Me

Hiiiiii friends! My name is Lauren. I’m 19, wandering around college, running toward my passions, and taking this life one moment at a time. This baby was born when I decided to move out of my house and into the world living out of a backpack on the mission field for 9 months. It started out as a few quality journal entries, but now it’s my cozy little internet home for all things healthy – mind, body and soul. I’m a fighter for life and I believe it was meant to be lived with grace, because we’re all human and some days, the rug gets pulled out from under us. My promise to you is that this place is safe. It’s honest and it’s full of grace (and the occasional solid playlist). So, if you mess up the recipe or don’t meet the deadline, this little corner promises to meet you where you’re at. Welcome to this beautiful grace.